The Startup Mentor

Helping you START, GROW & THRIVE

Helping you START, GROW & THRIVE

We provide business mentoring to startups, entrepreneurs and service providers. We are here to grow you and your business. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in, whether you are getting started, facing growing pains or re-strategizing for greatness.

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Providing Business Mentorship to Grow You and Your Business

James is the ‘go to’ mentor for helping high achievers get unstuck and skyrocket to the next level where they create and launch products and services that touch and impact many lives. In the process, they enjoy greater freedom to be themselves, fulfillment that has been missing and start the journey to financial freedom. He is a speaker and author of 7 Keys for Success beyond Chance, Go for It, Stepping Stones for Top Achievers and Seize the Moment

Who is a startup mentor?

A start-up mentor is someone who provides mentorship to a start-up business owing to their knowledge and experience with starting and running a business.

The Startup Mentor Mission

To help 10, 000 Startups, start the Entrepreneurship journey and grow into thriving ventures, leading to social economic transformation

Are you any of the following?

Startup Stella / Steve

You are starting (or planning to start) a new business venture and you want to get it right from the start and avoid expensive mistakes and losses later.

The jump from being employed, for so many years, to business is not a smooth journey…

You need clarity, confidence, support and handholding … especially the hand holding

Sammy / Samantha the Service provider

You are a service provider with a good product however you who is facing stiff competition and finding it surprisingly difficult to penetrate the market.

A winning strategy to turn things around is what you need…like yesterday.

Solo the Solopreneur

You are still a ‘one man’ show despite all your efforts. You want to run a ‘real business like the big boys … get more money and move out of survival mode….and have people working for you…

You are now ready to step up to the plate …

Paul/ Paula the Professional

Your practice is not growing and you are worried. The Cashflow has slowed down but the bills keep rising. Sometimes you feel it’s like you are working just to pay your suppliers and employees …. You cannot remember the last time you took a day off…

Fidelis the Financial services provider

Selling insurance, investment and financial products to the ‘Rising Middle Class’ is not easy anymore. They listen but don’t buy ….. At times you wonder where if you are really in the right business ….

Maggie the Multi-level marketer

You are in Multi-level marketing to stay ….  But it is time consuming work and your teams need A LOT OF MOTIVATION.

Right now you feel drained and have slept for just a few hours …and you need that Uplift yourself ….

You desperately need a solution for dealing with overwhelm and time management … (and a day with 36 hours …24 hours are too few)

Irene the Importer

You travel a lot to Turkey and Dubai and bring in the best items for your many clients. Things are not too bad….. You have 3 outlets and are looking for space in a mall….

But you are also tired of these trips… They keep you away from your family and you are not available for your kids it feels like soooo much to deal with and sometimes you wonder if you are overdoing it ….

And you now need to get better organized. You need better systems and the right staff…

Growing Grace/ Graham

You are in the right business but things have slowed down and plateaued. Some of your good staff members have left or you fired them … You are not in a very good mood because it feels bad to have to start all over again …

Your business needs an injection and a dose of something to cure it of stagnation …and turn it around.

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Where you are:
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